Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two Weeks Post Surgery Update

Well, it's two weeks since surgery #2 and I'm feeling pretty good. I had my second post surgery follow-up appointment this past Monday and the Surgeons are pleased with my recovery up to this point. They want me to continue wearing the guiding elastics until at least next week which is fine with me. I take the bands off each time I eat and brush as well as for a few hours each afternoon and I plan on continuing to wear them at night even after the surgeons tell me I can stop wearing them ... I like the comfort of knowing that they're there in case I accidentally roll over during the night. The surgeons also gave me the go-ahead to eat anything that I don't have to chew ... over-cooked pasta, fish fillets, et cetera. The problem is that I get a sharp pain in my left jaw every time I attempt to open wide enough to get a baby spoon in my mouth. Looks like it's going to be awhile before I get back to a "normal" diet.

My sleep cycle is getting back on track as well. I've stopped sleeping in an inclined position because the swelling has decreased significantly - there's still a good bit of internal swelling (both cheeks and especially the lower lip/chin area) but, unless you know me, you probably can't tell. And I've experimented with sleeping on my side instead of my back ... so far so good but I wouldn't do it if I wasn't wearing the elastics.

Tomorrow is "back to work Thursday" for me and, as it turns out, I'm ready. I was thinking about this yesterday ... I've only worked three days in the past five weeks because of the two surgeries. I know the Marine filling in for me is ready for me to come back too!

Finally ... an updated photo from today (Two weeks post surgery):


Mrs. Shanton said...

Lookin' good, Bill. What a relief to be able to sleep on your side, eh? It was a turning point for me. I hate sleeping propped up. Well, good luck at work tomorrow!

Kristen said...

Bill - looking sharp! Take it easy at work tomorrow, will ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you good looking man. So,,, how was work? Did you swell more or did you do o.k? I have been working like crazy, taking more classes than I can handle and am going on a retreat this weekend to get some rest. If I don't hear from you tomorrow I will check with you on Sunday. I love you.