Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Three Weeks Post Surgery Update

I had my third post surgery appointment with my Surgeons today and everything is looking good. My bite has remained stable and the upper & lower midlines are still lined up with each other. The Surgeons want me to continue wearing the guiding elastics for now and that's fine with me. It gives me a sense of security ... especially when sleeping. My next appointment isn't for another two weeks now. If things go as planned, my Surgeons will be turning me over to my Orthodontist so he can resume "tweaking" my braces. Feeling optimistic, I went ahead and booked an appointment with my Orthodontist for 23 May :)

I'm getting more adventurous concerning my eating habits. I don't mean I'm trying to chew ... that's still a big NO GO. I'm just trying more variety. For example, I went to a restaurant yesterday for the first time since the surgery and had fish, macaroni and cheese, corn, potatoes, and (my favorite) cheesecake. Today, on the way home from the appointment, I stopped by Taco Bell and bought three Burrito Supremes … I ate the filling and tossed the wrap. Awesome!

Oh yeah … almost forgot. One of the women at work mentioned to me that I look 10 years younger. I don't see it ... maybe it's a combination of the surgery, the 15 pounds I've lost, and the little sun burn I managed to get over the weekend. Whatever, I'm very pleased with the outcome so far and can't wait for all of the swelling to go down and the braces to come off so I can see the "final" result.

And now for a couple more updated photos:

12 March 2007 (one day before Surgery #1)

25 April 2007 (three weeks post Surgery #2)

You can't really see it in the most recent photo but I still have internal swelling within both cheeks as well as the lower lip & chin area. I'll sure be glad once the swelling disappears for good ... although I've been told that could take several months.


Alice Palace said...

Hey Goodlooking.Glad to know you are on track! And that this time it is working the way it is supposed to! You look thin to me, but who can really be too thin? (Matthew) Glad to know you are eating. I love you. A

Angel said...

Hey there handsome. You do look good. I am glad you are eating something! Thanks for the phone calls and encouragement. Jeffrey would have a cow if he knew I had come up the stairs while he was sleeping, but as usual... I couldn't sleep and wanted to say hey and see if I could catch up on my school emails. My prayers continue to be with you. Love ya bunches!