Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good News This Week

What a difference one week makes. Last week I was concerned because the elastic bands seemed to be working on my left side and weren't on my right side. This was creating an edge-on-edge bite of a sort on the left side of my jaw. Well, a couple of days after writing that post the right side kicked into gear and the mid-lines lined up. I was still a bit concerned, however, because of the edge-on-edge bite.

Fast forward to yesterday to my Orthodontist appointment. I told the Orthodontist about my concerns and he said not to worry ... that he was going to be able to correct the bite using heavier elastic bands (heavy - 1/4 in. 6.4mm) and a different configuration. What he did was place the bands on both the left and right bottom incisors and the left and right upper back molar. I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of Orthodontia but the intent is to move the upper jaw forward a bit and the lower jaw back a bit. Well, for the past two days my jaws have felt like they're being squeezed in a vice ... not terribly painful but a constant ache. And, I've already noticed that the edge-on-edge bite is no longer happening! I'm supposed to wear this configuration for the next month and then I'll hopefully transition to night-wear only.

The really big news, though, is the Orthodontist is predicting an October 2007 de-bracing time-frame! It's not an exact date but I'll sure take it :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quick Update

Hey there. Just a quick mid-appointment update today.

So, I've been wearing elastic bands (which I can remove for eating and brushing) since the surgery in order to line up the lower mid-line with the upper mid-line. What I've noticed is that the left side of my lower jaw has moved into position but the right side has stubbornly refused to move. This has caused a slight edge-on-edge bite pattern on the left side and is very frustrating because it seems as if we're moving backwards on the treatment scale.

My next Ortho appointment is this coming Tuesday so hopefully he'll be able to work some magic and get the right side lower jaw moving.