Monday, November 12, 2007

Seven Month Post Surgery Update

First - a quick shout-out to all my brother and sister Veterans! You guys keep me motivated!

So last week marked my seventh month since surgery and, I must say, I was getting a bit frustrated at not hearing those magical words from my Ortho ... "I think it's time we take those braces off you." Well, during my appointment last week he said it and it looks like I'll be getting them off at my next appointment!

As ready as I am, I'm a bit apprehensive as well. I kind of like the security of the bands while I'm sleeping and I know that my teeth won't be moving out of place as long as the arch wires are in place. And I have no idea how the teeth will look (whiteness-wise) once the braces come off. I almost wish it was like when Mrs Shanton (Stephanie) had her braces off - she didn't know until she showed up for her Ortho visit!

Kristen & Mary - if you guys read this: Do you recommend I schedule a cleaning on the same day immediately after the brace removal. I understand the Ortho will clean the teeth to remove the bonding cement and all but I'm not sure that's going to be enough after three years of braces.