Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick Update - One Week Post Surgery #2

Just a really quick update now that I'm one week post-surgery #2. Things are progressing well and the swelling started to go down yesterday.

In the side view photos you'll notice a small brownish/black area ... that's where they went in from the outside put in the screws. They do this because it's a lot easier to ensure proper placement that way.

And I sure do look tired in these photos :)

One Week Post-Surgery #2 (10 April 2007)

I have an appointment with my surgeons tomorrow afternoon. I'll update again when I have more information.


Angel said...

You do look tired, and you sounded very tired last night. You sounded good though. Please take care of yourself. Dont' try to over do it! I am glad you will be able to eat a little more. Have you had the protein shakes? I guess you are weak not having much stable foods. I love you sweetie!

Alice said...

You must get the grey from the milkman.