Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back Home From The Hospital

Thanks for all the well wishes ... I really do appreciate it!

I'm back home and feeling pretty good. The surgeon said that they went in and removed the titanium plates and screws, rotated the lower jaw a couple of more millimeters to the right and slid it forward just a smidgen, and then put new plates and screws in to hold it in place. They also had to shape a couple of the teeth so that the bite would be better. The only thing is that my jaws are tightly banded shut with elastic bands again ... for the first week anyways. The reason I'm tightly banded with elastic bands is because I evidently have very stubborn jaw muscles and they didn't want to take any chances.

I feel good ... and I actually could have been released from the hospital yesterday evening. I elected to stay the night because I didn't feel comfortable leaving that early and I had to have x-rays taken early this morning. I was drinking water almost immediately upon waking up and walking around shortly thereafter. Also, like the first time, I didn't have any adverse reaction to the anethesia.

And I didn't miss American Idol ... woot!


Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Bill,
Glad to see you made to the other side AGAIN! LOL..and that you appear to be doing so well. I'm sure this time out it is not so bad as you now know what to expect huh? I think the pre surgery anticipation is worse then the actual surgery. At least that was my experience with the SARPE LOL...

We watched AI too....I wish they would just get rid of that Sangia kid already! He stinks! LOL..

Happy healing to you!


Lovella said...

Hi Bill! It's Lovella from your English class. I am glad to hear you are doing okay. Best of luck, and I hope you are 100% quickly!

Talk to you in class - or should I say on line!

Angel said...

Hey doll. You do look well. I am so thankful all went well. Wish we were there with you. Take it easy even though you THINK you are okay. You need to take time to heal. YOUr teeth aren't the only thing that are stubborn! We love ya lots! Mom and Dad, Kristen and Jeffrey send their love too! KISSES from your favorite niece!

Alice said...

Hey you good looking thing. It sounds like they did the same surgery to me only a little more this time around. I am so glad that you have a high tolerance for pain and being uncomfortable. You didn't get that from me!!! I guess that comes from the milkman. I love you and will talk/write to you soon. The young one.