Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Updates (18 March)

A few more photos to laugh about:

Saturday - 4 days post surgery

My Sister Alice (far right with white shirt and green beads) is staying with me until tomorrow when she'll be flying back to Biloxi, MS. She had made plans to celebrate St Patrick's day with a couple of friends of hers in the area. As you can see, I didn't know that she was going to invite them over for a few minutes so they could consolidate cars. Had I known I might (just might) have put on my green pajamas. Especially because Sharon (2nd from right with green shirt and green beads) gave me a little mutated chicken / bunny critter to help me feel better.

Mutated Chicken / Bunny Critter

On Sunday I decided to venture out of the house and go to the local Borders Book Store. As you can hopefully see from the below photo, the bruising down my neck has gotten a very nice shade of yellow.

Sunday - 5 days post surgery

Walking around Borders was quite uneventful. Even the little kids didn't stop and stare too much when they saw me ... I'll have to try harder when I go to the grocery store next week. Just like a couple of days ago, however, I started feeling the swelling pick up almost as soon as I walked out the door. I didn't feel poorly ... just tired out awful quickly. Luckily I'll be off work until Thursday, 29 March so I can work on getting my stamina back up.


Cindy and Allen said...

William, you are looking good kid. Glad to see that you are up and getting out for some fresh air. Hope that your color improves and begins to look less like the mutated chicken/bunny. Just know that we love you and wish you a speedy recovery.

Kristen said...

Wow, you Marines ARE tough. Five days and you're already walking around and venturing out? It took me about two weeks to do that! And yes, the exhaustion.... even now at six weeks post op, my energy level still doesn't feel the same.

Hope you're breathing easier!

Bill said...

Cindy and Allen ... yeah, was afraid I was beginning to look like the mutated chicken / bunny critter. I'll just be glad when the surgeons take off the chin support. That should be this Wednesday (crosses fingers).

Kristen ... the ONLY reason I'm out and about like that is I didn't have the upper jaw surgery. If I had, like you did, I don't think I'd be nearly ready for the outside world at this point. You guys that went through both jaw surgeries are truly inspirational for the rest of us :).