Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Week Post Surgery Update

Okay, it's been exactly one week since I was released from the Hospital after having both lower jaw surgery and genioplasty (chin surgery). Up to now I have been very tightly banded with elastic bands and have been on a blended/liquids only diet.

Well, today the Surgeons decided to remove the bands to see how the jaws align without the added structure. The lead Surgeon's usual course of action for lower jaw surgery is to forego the elastics as long as the jaws remain in the desired position. I have another post surgery appointment next Wednesday (28 March) and they will decide then whether or not I need to go back into elastics. Here's hoping I don't but I think I just might have to ... we'll see. And I'm still on the blended/liquids only diet.

Below are comparison photos of a couple of days before the surgery and today. Both photos are showing my "natural" bite at the time of the photo.

11 March 2007
21 March 2007


Brandyleigh35 said...

Wow Bill!
What a difference! You look 10 years younger! Isn't it amazing what they can accomplish with jaw surgery? You must be so thrilled! You don't even look like you had surgery a week ago!

Kelsie said...


I've been following your blog and just had to comment on how great you look, just one week post-op! How do you like you new bite/look? Brandy is right, you look years younger, just amazing!

Bill said...

Thanks Brandy and Kelsie. Yup, I'm very pleased with the outcome of the surgery, especially this early in the post-surgery period. It truly is amazing what can be accomplished these days.

You may or may not be able to see it in the 21 March 2007 photo but my cheeks are still swollen a fair amount. I kinda wish they'd stay puffed out :)

I'm a bit concerned with my bite at this point though. After only one day without the elastics my bite has shifted back to the way it was immediately after the surgery / prior to the elastics being put on. The upper and lower midlines line up nicely as do all of the other teeth *except* for my molars on the right side (I can't tell which one(s) due to the swelling). I think one of the molars is still a bit out of alignment which is causing an open bite at the moment. If that molar were to be moved into the correct position I believe my bite would be exactly right. My concern is that the Surgeons may decide to put the elastics back ... not looking forward to that.

My next appointment is on Wednesday, 28 March although I've already called and left a message with the lead Surgeon to see if she wants me to come in before then.

Mary said...

Hey Bill, I had a BSSO and genioplasty (10/25/06) like you but mine was to advance my jaw. I can't believe its only been a week, you look amazing. Although I'm really surprised that your OS has already taken the rubber bands off. Your jaw needs to be retrained so you might want to put them back on voluntarily. I think I had mine on for a few months and only took them off to eat. I have read that most bloggers, like me, actually have a sense of security with the rubber bands. Anyway, I think you look amazing, at 1 week post surgery I think I was still hanging out on the sofa and nursing my wounds. Mary

Bill said...

Thanks Mary.

I actually called my Surgeon today and I'm going back in to see her tomorrow morning. My bite has shifted a bit and, like you say, there's a sense of security having at least guiding elastics for a while after the surgery.

Just as long as they don't completely lock my jaws down like last time :)

Kelsie said...

From reading everyone's blogs and having my own surgery experience the only consistency is the inconsistency of the post-op care. Everyone's instructions from their surgeon have been different. I think my surgeon has been the most conservative. My braces are coming off on Tuesday and I am still banding shut at night (two bands on the front corners). And I have had no hiccups in my recover - this is just his standard operating procedure. I think the most important thing is that you keep communicating your concerns to your surgeon - sounds like she is being really responsive about getting you in the office to check your bite.

Bill said...

Hey Kelsie. Great news that your brace journey is almost over! I bet you're almost beside yourself waiting for them to come off :)

You know, I was kind of expecting to have guiding elastics during the day (the kind you remove when you eat and brush) and at night for at least a couple of weeks with night-only elastics for a period of time after that. I was really surpristed when they said they weren't going to replace them.

Aixa said...

What a difference a few days made. Your face looks as handsome as ever.

Kristen said...

Lookin' good! You have really nice bone structure! :)

Bill said...

Thanks Aixa and Kristen. Good thing I'm still a bit yellow from the bruising or I might start blushing :)

Anonymous said...

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