Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Finally got to sleep about 3:00 am this morning and almost immediately had the following dream.

I was at the beach when all of a sudden the sand started hardening like cement around my head. I was struggling to breathe and could only barely breathe through my mouth ... my nose was completely closed.

I woke up thrashing around and realized that I was attempting to breathe through my mouth which continues to be very tightly banded closed.

My next post-surgery appointment is tomorrow. Here's hoping they replace the current bands with ones that aren't quite as tight.


Alice said...

Oh William, I feel so sorry for you. Who would have known that the worst part of this whole thing would have been your breathing?!?And your sleeping. I'm hoping today is your last day of antibiotics and you won't have to get up to take the medicine every 6 hrs. I am feeling your pain. In a different way though. I hope you never have to go thru any thing tramatic again because I have not felt well since this started. I now have vertigo and am feeling fery dizzy and yesterday while cutting some paper, the knife slipped, cut my thumb and I had to get stiches. So hurry up and get well!!! I love you and will check back with you later.

Angel said...

Hey you mean I did something right on the &^%^%$^%&^&* computer! I am so sorry you are having troubles. Maybe without the bands you will have a better night tonight. We love ya bunches. We went out to eat for Mom's birthday and everyone said to tell you "Hello" and that they are thinking of you! Take care of my favorite uncle!