Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three Month Post Surgery Update

Hope everyone is well.

So, three months post surgery and things are progressing nicely. I had appointments with both the surgeons and orthodontist last week and, by all accounts, I'm where I need to be at this point in time.

The surgeons said my range of motion and my ability to open wide are good (I don't have exact measurements) and that the incision points have all healed as expected. They also reminded me they don't want me running or lifting heavy weights (basically anything that might cause me to clench my jaws) for six months post surgery ... I thought I'd definitely be back in the gym by now. They then said, "See you in four months" and I was out the door.

The orthodontist removed the archwires so I could brush and floss without them and put a couple of bends in the upper archwire to bring a couple of premolars down a bit. I tried to get him to commit to a debanding date ... no luck there. It's still way too early to start talking about that. My next appointment with him is in another three weeks.

Still a little bit of numbness on the left side of the lower lip and chin area and some residual swelling on both sides of the back mouth area. I know the updates have been slow lately, but that's the way the healing's progressing at this point.


Kristen said...

No running for 6 months? Wow. Wish my doctor had said that. That'd be my out-of-gym (er, jail) card! :P

Glad you're healing well!! Great smile, by the way. :)

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Bill,
Wow 6 months! My doctor said I could be riding my bike as soon as 2 weeks post op, and I have been weight lifting for a couple weeks now. I don't clench my teeth when I do it though lol.

Sounds like things are progressing as they should. I know what you mean about the changes being slow. Makes me feel better to know you still have some numbness in your lower lip and chin, as at 5 weeks I worry sometimes that things are not going to improve.

Sorry to hear about the lack of a debracing date. I have an ortho appt on Monday. I'm thinking based on what my ortho said last time that I'm getting really close to debracing. He said we need to rotate my left canine, but other then that we are getting pretty close to being finished. With the rubberbands I have been wearing my teeth are meeting and lining up perfectly so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he says its soon! are looking really great! Keep healing! and thanks for the update posts. I still check your blog regularly. Thanks for the comments on my too!